"I’m not rich"


"But I have a big dick"


"I don’t have a big dick"


"But I am rich"


"I’m rich"


"And I have a big dick"


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The next girlfriend I get ain’t gonna treat me anything less than what the fuck I deserve. The SECOND they think that’s okay, they can get to steppin. I’m too good of a person to settle for that.

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The best part of a relationship is getting to call the person, or lay down next to them, and tell them all the crazy things that happened to you all day long. In the end that’s what it’s about. It’s not about sex, it’s not about the money they give you, it’s not about how good looking they are, it’s about them listening to you talk for hours and hours and hours, about stupid shit that doesn’t matter. Tegan Quin (via blackbruise)

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We live in a generation of givin’ up on love and not stayin’ together. ‘Cause it takes too much effort to make things better, knowin’ it could be much easier with someone else… (via tellemitstori)
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you think you’re a better kisser than me??? you think you’re a better cuddler? come over here and prove it punk

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